Thank Offering for WEF – Sunday, November 19

The Church of the Nazarene’s annual Thank Offering for the World Evangelism Fund provides the opportunity to celebrate the gifts God has given us, while focusing on giving to others.
On November 19, our church will be participating in this yearly offering which helps raise funds for WEF and the ministry of the Church of the Nazarene around the globe.

We must fix our sights on places where the church is not yet, engaging in intercessory prayer,
sacrificial giving, and physically going to and mobilizing others to reach those who have yet to
hear the gospel!
Follow these links to stories which have been made possible by the World Evangelism Fund:

International Myanmar church planting leads to expanded theological education

Only six percent of Myanmar’s population identifies as Christian. Yet, thanks to you, missionaries like Bill and Mill Kwon are starting churches in Myanmar, as well as among Myanmar immigrant populations in Thailand, Singapore, across Asia, and even into the west, including the USA.


The Right Place

As a result of the conflict in Syria, many Syrian-Armenian refugees are returning home to Armenia. Zareh Mangilikian and his family build relationships with the refugees and assist them as they sele in Yerevan, Armenia, by providing much-needed support through food, rent, clothing and skills training.


First Yurt of the Nazarene

In order to make Christlike disciples among the people of Mongolia, where only two percent of the population is Christian, missionaries Sunny and Lisa Um braved frigid weather, learned to speak Khalkha and drilled a well to provide water for their community.


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