Sermon Notes


6: Complainers

Numbers 11:1-16   /   Philippians 4:4-13




Sermon in a Sentence: 

God Blesses Us, but when we are always focused on what we do not yet have, we become blind to all the blessings God has already showered upon us


Sermon Outline:


  1. A Life of Luxury? 
  2. First World Problems


Question: What is a practical action God is asking you to take in response to the sermon?



Discipleship Helps for Growing This Week

Monday:  Read Numbers 1-4.  We find here a listing of the tribes of Israel, as well as directions for the Levites. What is the special work given to the Levites?  What is the special work of the Kohathites, the branch within the Levites?

Tuesday: Read Numbers 5-10:10. These chapters report on the last commands given before leaving Mount Sinai.  What seems significant to you about the establishment of the Tabernacle?  Where did the people get all these treasures to give in offering to the Lord?

Wednesday: Read Numbers 10:11-14.  It did not take long for the morale of the people to degenerate to the point of wanting to turn back to Egypt.  What is it about people which makes them so prone to complaining, even amid great blessings?  How do you protect yourself from becoming a complainer?

Thursday: Read Numbers 15-19. Moses again faces opposition from these Israelites.  In chapter 16, what helps do you receive to know how to respond, and how not to respond to opposition?  How can you discern if your opposition is right or wrong?

Friday or Saturday: Read Numbers 20-24.  In these chapters we find the Lord’s interesting use of a man named Balaam (and his donkey).  What is the significance of God using Balaam to help the Israelites?  Who are some non-Christians whom God has used to help you in times of need?  Who might be the last person you would think God would use to help you?  How would you know it if God did use them?

Bible Study Tips: GROW

Get the main point.  Prayerfully read the passage for the main point.

Reflect on how this main point applies to your life.

Offer yourself to God.  Ask him for the strength to apply the main point to your life, whether you need to flee from sin, seek our forgiveness or reconciliation, or perform acts of love.

Witness this change in your life in a specific way.  Determine one action you can perform this week that will put into practice the change God is calling you to embrace.