Prayer Pretzel Fundraiser – Student Ministries

Did You Know!?!?

During this Lent Season, we will be selling chocolate covered pretzels to raise funds for our Nazarene Compassionate Ministry sponsored child in Sri Lanka! The funds raised will help Maheshwaran receive 5 nutritious meals a week, education, safe drinking water, sanitation, medical check-ups, books and stationary, school dress; as well as social, spiritual, and cultural activities through the Child Development Centers. These centers also give Maheshwaren love and affection, new experiences, praise, and recognition, teaching/training, an opportunity to develop a relationship with God, and socialization.

Please visit the Child Sponsorship Station in the foyer for more information, to donate, AND to purchase a variety of Prayer Pretzel snacks for only $1. Help us reach our $30/month goal for 2018!




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