Prayer & Praise

Prayer Requests (updated 6/20/18)

If you would like to submit a prayer requests to be posted here and/or our church’s Sunday bulletin, call our church office (816-380-4604) or send an email to


* Exceeded our Faith Promise goal for 2018-19 of $15,000… current pledges: $15,450

* Laura Flores, back from El Salvador, is doing much better after being sick when she first came back.


Our Global Family
* Chris, Courney, and Adelaide Troutman as they prepare to return to their country of assignment.
* Deanna, one of our LINKS missionaries serving in a Creative Access area, back home being treated for a medical condition… dizziness.
* All LINKS missionaries: Stephane & Sandra Tibbi (Eurasia), Chris & Shelley and 3 kids (Creative Access).
* Other missionaries: Appleby family (Creative Access), Dooley Family (Papua New Guinea), Rodriguez family (serving in Texas).


Our Extended Family
*Deborah Turner-Lujan, Nancy Shore’s sister, is on hospice due to cancer

*Rachelle’s missing 26y/o co-worker, Jessica Parsons, from Belton.

*Paige, daughter-in-law of Jody & Roger, as she goes thru chemo

* A teacher who worked with the Seed of Hope ministry in South Africa and his son were killed when their taxi was attacked.

* Jody & Roger’s son, Michael, as his current job will end soon and he will need to find another. Prayers also for Roger’s health.
* Scott Shore, Butch’s son, diagnosed with congenital disorder and scheduled for an abdominal pump implant June 28
* Jerry Wilbanks (Dee’s husband), health.
* Cindy, daughter in law of Mary Luttrell, diagnosed with cancer.
* Lynn, Rachelle Salmon’s mom, health.
* Jennifer, daughter of Meo’s, health.


Our Local Family
* Aparicios as they transition to new pastoral assignment.

* Betty Lawson, mending from broken wrist.
* Sammy, Jessica, and Thomas, ministry in Arequipa, Perú.
* Amanda Doerhoff, ministry in Quito, Ecuador. Prayers for her as she makes decisions on her future as a missionary.
* Kevin Beougher, deployed to Africa.
* Joyce Estep, health.
* Don Stark, health.
* Geneva Friend, health.
* All homebound members of our church who are not able to join us on Sundays.