Prayer & Praise

Prayer Requests (updated 10/11/19)

If you would like to submit a prayer requests to be posted here and/or our church’s Sunday bulletin, call our church office (816-380-4604) or send an email to

Prayer for Today:

As you heard the prayer of Isaac and Rebekah, O God,
and guided them in the way of your love,
so listen now to those who call upon you.
Prayers of the People, concluding with:
Move us to praise your gracious will,
for in Christ Jesus you have saved us from the deeds of death
and opened for us the hidden ways of your love.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
The Revised Common Lectionary: Intercessory Prayer (17th Sunday after Pentecost)


* To our many volunteers & their faithful commitment to serve God & others in the love He shares with us.

* Don Stark’s liver radiation treatment is complete!

* Donna Dohman’s daughter’s (Karen) kidney & liver are better


Our Global Family

* Creative Access Areas: Deanna Williams & Applebys (China); Leonel & Maria Luisa DeLeon (Guatemala); Wollerys (Japan) 

* Our Church Missionaries: Amanda D. (Ecuador); Jordan P. (S. Korea); Sammy & Jessica M. (Peru) 

* Other Missionaries: Dooleys (Home from New Guinea); Troutmans (Home from Mongolia); Musa Myula (S. Africa—New Directions Sports Ministry); Zinhle Gasa (S. Africa—Seed of Hope) 


Our Extended Family

* Jerry Wilbanks (Dee’s husband), health.

* Aaron, Pastor Nancy C.’s 8 y/o grandson, heart transplant need.

* Rev. Gamblin dialysis @ PH Rehab w/ Meo’s outreach & interim ministry

* Lynn, Rachelle Salmon’s mom, health.

* John Strickland, heart issue

* Cohen, Meyer’s  great-grandson, surgery & recovery

* Zoe, Jody’s great-granddaughter, & her changing family situation

* Izak’s (Tori’s fiancé) dad, grandfather, & grandmother


Our Local Family

* Janet & Ken Blazer’s care for Nicky & passing of her mom (10/4)

* The LORD’s leading & direction during pastor search process

* Matt Turner & family with UAW strike

* Roger Myer’s chemo treatment complications & rejections

* Leonard Wyatt’s stroke recovery

* Bev McCoy melanoma diagnosis, removal, & recovery

* Kim Duey’s vertigo

* Rachelle Salmon’s cancer treatment & surgery recovery

* Janet Blazer, Mary Luttrel, Donna Dahman, Pat Wheeldon, Ben Friend, & Joyce Estep’s (recovery) health

* 1:23 District Goal—Fast once a week & Pray once a day, for 2 people you can help disciple & 3 people you can help know Christ

* All homebound church members who are not able to join us


* Pastor Will & his family are going through a difficult season. We ask that you keep them in your prayers as Pastor Will continues to perform his administrative & communication duties. His ministerial duties are being assumed by Kim Duey. Any questions related to these ministries may be directed to her. Other questions should be directed to Les Unruh or Pastor Hulett. Thank you for understanding & for your prayers


Submit your prayer requests and praises using the information cards in the bulletins or by calling us at 816-380-4604.