HCN Board

HCN Board for 2017-2018

Under our denomination’s organization, each church elects a group of people to serve alongside our Lead Pastor and staff for one year in various leadership roles. Trustees are charged with holding the title to church property, managing it, and giving guidance to the physical facilities. Stewards are charged with serving with the responsibilities of outreach, evangelism, and assistance and support for the needy. In addition to these, our church also elects a Sunday School Superintendent as well as presidents for our local NMI (Nazarene Missions International) and NYI (Nazarene Youth International) chapters. Here are our elected members for this church year:

Board: Lori Barnes, Terry Cox, Randy Strickland, and Les Unruh.

NMI President: Nancy Shore

NYI President: Debbie Gill

Sunday School Superintendent: Bob Salmons


And these were the delegates elected for this year’s District Assembly:

Assembly: Bonnie Unruh, Les Unruh, Pat Stark

Nazarene Missions International Convention: Jeannette Meo, Pat Parrott, Don Stark, Pat Stark, Bonnie Unruh, Les Unruh, JoAnn Welhoff, Ron Welhoff.