Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

Related to COVID-19

Updated May 15, 2020

How will you limit worship gathering to no more than 100 people initially?

  • We will offer two services when onsite worship begins on June 7.  This will allow for a smaller number in each service as well as opportunities for cleaning and disinfection between services.
  • The church will continue live streaming and other digital offerings for those who cannot or choose not to attend services at the church.
  • We encourage those individuals 60 years of age or over and those who may be at higher risk of moderate to severe illness to attend the 9:30 a.m. service.  We anticipate fewer individuals attending this service.
  • Families with children are encouraged to  attend the 11 a.m. service which would  include Children’s  Church. 

What adjustments will you make to the Communion, Baptisms, and Worship Team?

  • If someone really desires to be baptized at this time, it will be done by sprinkling until safe to do otherwise. 
  • For Communion, prepackaged elements will be used if available.  If not available, 3 to 4 stations will be positioned in the sanctuary with row by row access to the stations using social distancing guidelines, or we may forego Communion during this time.
  • At this time, Austin Welhoff will continue to lead worship while safety of the Worship Team and congregation is studied.

How will the tithes and offerings be handled? 

  • Online giving is encouraged.
  • Receptacles will be placed in the sanctuary for individuals to use upon entry to or exit from the sanctuary.
  • Checks can also be mailed to the church.

How will the church and objects be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected?

  • Weekly, the church will continue to be deep cleaned.  This includes cleaning and disinfection of the areas cleaned.
  • Between services, measures will be taken to clean and disinfect the restrooms, the foyer and other high touch areas and surfaces before, between and after services.
  • All toys and objects handled by the children will be cleaned and sanitized prior to reopening of the church as well as after each use.

Are you going to continue offering Children’s Church? 

  • At this point, we plan on having Children’s Church at 11:00 a.m.
  • Parents are encouraged to make their own decision regarding their kids attending service. 
  • As mentioned before toys and objects used will be cleaned and sanitized .
  • Children will sit on mats during service and social distancing will be ensured by staff and volunteers

Are you going to continue hosting special events? 

Special events and outside use of the building are on hold until an “all clear” is given.

 Are you continuing to provide coffee stations on campus? 

We will not be providing coffee until further notice.

Will you continue offering virtual online worship? 

We will not only continue but expand the online and digital offerings.

What is your strategy to clean and sanitize your church in real time? 

  • Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection will be done as described previously. 
  • Staff will be trained to identify and address immediate needs outside of the planned cleaning activities.

Do door greeters do their jobs differently, or at all? 

  • Greeters will greet standing six feet away from the door or any individual.
  • No contact will be initiated by greeters.
  • Bulletins will be left out in a prominent place for people who want to grab one.

Will you have a “meet and greet” time? 

As described previously, the meet and greet time will be suspended at least during the COVID 19 crisis.

Because people may return very slowly to church, how will you count attendance and effectiveness? 

We will follow denominational and district guidelines. 

Will you add and/or shorten worship services to allow for social distancing? 

We are implanting a few options.

  • We will offer more services which include 2 at this time.
  • We will encourage people to continue worshiping online.
  • We remove chairs from the sanctuary or create social distancing guidelines within the sanctuary to help people avoid close contact.

What are you going to do about larger Sunday School groups? 

  • Sunday School will come back later.
  • We are considering ZOOM Sunday School classes if there is enough interest.

Other Considerations:

  • We will provide masks for individuals who desire to use them and do not have their own.  The earliest shipment date we have available is June 9.  We encourage attendees to wear masks at their discretion at this point.  Pastor Steve, Austin and stage participants will not be utilizing masks at this point.
  • We are considering multiples points of entrance and exit.
  • As weather permits, we may have the outer doors open to prevent the need to touch doors.
  • As we move forward, we will be expanding compassionate ministries in the community.