Community Bible Experience

Current Reading Guide and Resources:


Previous Resources:

  • New Testament Reading Plan

    • Access references for each day’s readings (Book-chapter-verse as well as page numbers for those using a “Books of the Bible New Testament”) and watch video introductions to that day’s readings.
  • Listen to the New Testament!

    • Links to audio recordings of the readings for each day.
    • Click HERE to download a ZIP file with all of the mp3 files for the New Testament.
  • Guide to the New Testament

    • This resource is a leader’s guide for guiding a group through weekly discussions of the Bible readings, but it can be used by individuals as well. The Weekly Discussion guides begin on page 14 of this PDF file.


More Free Bible Resources:

How do you see the Bible?

We often think of the Bible as a resource book or manual we can consult from time to time when we need to know something specific about or from God.  If we see the Bible this way, we end up only reading snippets, small fragments of the whole.  In fact, many devotional books are written in such a way that we only read a few verses at a time.  But what if we were able to see the whole Bible as God’s story, as an epic narrative which is meant to not only inform but shape our way of living?  This is our goal as we begin our Training to Live God’s Way by reading through the entire Bible!