Sermon Notes


Praying hands

2: Giving Voice to Praise

Psalm 96 / Colossians 4:2-6


Sermon in a Sentence: 

Declare God’s glory among the nations


Sermon Outline:


  1. The Lost Art of Conversation
  2. What You Say Matters
  3. Redeeming Conversations


Question: What is a practical action God is asking you to take in response to the sermon?



Discipleship Helps for Growing This Week

Monday:  Read Psalm 96.  What are some of your favorite Christian songs?  Are they typically hymns, praise choruses or contemporary Christian songs?  Why are they so meaningful to you.  How do these songs help you understand God better?  How can you share them with those who need encouragement? How will you declare the glory of God this week?

Tuesday: Read Colossians 4:2-6. The Apostle Paul writes here about allowing our conversations to be “always full of grace.”  What does that look like to you?  Can you have a tough conversation, even a confrontation, that is seasoned with grace?  If someone were to confront you in a graceful way, what would that conversation sound like?

Wednesday: Read John 4:1-42. This was a scandalous conversation for Jesus to initiate – a Jewish man speaking to a female Samaritan of bad reputation.  Write down several ways in which Jesus’ conversation with her was seasoned with grace.  What do you learn from Jesus’ approach to this woman?

Thursday: Read Psalm 96.  What are some ways in which you declared the glory of God this last week in your conversations with others?  What did you learn about God or the other person as you attempted to declare this glory?

Friday or Saturday: Read Psalm 18.    In what ways have you experienced the strength of God in your life?

Bible Study Tips: GROW

Get the main point.  Prayerfully read the passage for the main point.

Reflect on how this main point applies to your life.

Offer yourself to God.  Ask him for the strength to apply the main point to your life, whether you need to flee from sin, seek our forgiveness or reconciliation, or perform acts of love.

Witness this change in your life in a specific way.  Determine one action you can perform this week that will put into practice the change God is calling you to embrace.