Prayer & Praise

Prayer Requests (updated 10/20/17)

If you would like to submit a prayer requests to be posted here and/or our church’s Sunday bulletin, call our church office (816-380-4604) or send an email to



* Will Sutton has accepted the invitation from our church to serve as Students Ministries Pastor! He will begin with us in November.


Our Global Family

* Everyone affected by natural disasters around the world, including Mexico, the Caribbean, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and the southern coasts of the US.

* LINKS missionaries: Stephane and Sandra Tibbi (Eurasia), Deanna (Creative Access Country), Chris & Shelley and their 3 kids (Creative Access Country).

* Other missionaries: Appleby family (Creative Access Country), Dooley Family (Papua New Guinea), Rodriguez family (serving in Texas), Troutmans (Creative Access Country).


Our Extended Family

* The city of Las Vegas.

* Lynn, Rachelle Salmon’s mom, health.

* Amy Newman’s father.

* Jennifer, daughter of Meo’s, health.


Our Local Family

* Russ Strickland and family on the passing of his daughter Lisa due to a car accident.

* Clorisa Bridgers, admitted to urgent care Friday with severe abdominal pain.

* Joyce Estep, will not be able to participate in the trial drug.

* Tori Parrott, experiencing chest pain in last few weeks. Doctors haven’t found cause yet.

* Sandy Parrott, prayers for healing and strength.

* Ron Welhoff, upcoming hip surgery.

* Pat Stark, health.

* Don Stark, health.

* Geneva Friend, health.

* Kevin Beougher, waiting to be deployed for another tour of duty.

* John Strickland, health.

* Janet Blazer, Lois Allen, Janie Barnett and all members of our church who can’t always join us on Sundays.